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Pottawatomi of MDPFN - Land Code
Governance & Land Code

Moose Deer Point First Nation - Land Code

"Proudly working together to build a prosperous and healthy environment that promotes independence, honours and respects our values, and enhances our way of life. "(1998) 

We advocate the following principles in our Land Code and all our initiatives

  • Protect biological, social, and entrepreneurial diversity.

  • Respect all living beings and care for the community of life.

  • Restore the integrity of nature with truth, sincerity, goodness, and beauty.

  • Build institutions on participatory democracy, non-violence, and peace.

  • Integrate intentions with behaviour and cultural customs with social systems.

  • Develop economic innovations that make creative, ·rather than destructive, use of the earth's ecological abundance.

  • Foster natural, cultural, and spiritual growth through traditional wisdom and modern knowledge.

  • Enhance human potential through self-determination, self-sufficiency, equal opportunity, and social justice.

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