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Binoojii House

“It takes a Village to Raise a child “



Specifically, Binoojii House will support the community’s value of the following: 

  • Strong sense of cultural identity

  • Sense of place and belonging within the community.

  • Ojibway language 

  • School readiness (socially and academically)

  • Physical fitness (good nutrition, hygiene, general health, and wellness)

  • Environmental awareness and best practices

  • Support in dealing with parenting issues and challenges.

  • Early identification and support of special needs

  • Address prevalence of diabetes and obesity amongst First Nation people

  • Childcare services will be offered to children ranging in age from toddler to 12 years.  


Terrilyn Allen

Office: (705) 375-3029 (Ex. 21)

Cell: (705) 774-3801


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